Események / Workshopjaink
Challenges and opportunities of EU - Ukrainian gas market integration2018. május 30-31. - How the neighbors can contribute?
Helyszín: Budapest

3rd Central and South East Europe Energy Policy Forum

Aim of the event
The gas market developments in Ukraine are of key importance for the regional energy system. Since the 2009 gas crises, a lot of effort have been made to diversify energy supply routes and the recent appearance of LNG shipments in Europe ensures further supply sources. However, the successful integration of the Ukrainian gas market into the European countries still remains a challenge which is worth to discuss in detail.
The objective of the forum is to bring together decision makers and industry representatives from Ukraine and whole Europe to discuss the next steps of gas market integration.

The planned sessions are the following:

Keynote Session – The state of energy sector in Ukraine
Session 1 – Upstream gas market
Session 2 – Structural changes in the transmission sector
Session 3– Storage
Session 4 – Wholesale market functioning
Session 5– Regional gas market integration issues: how the neighbors could contribute?

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