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Modelling the effects of the Hungarian PV developments on the HUPX pricesREKK Market Monitoring KlubEvent

At this occassion of the market monitoring series we will present the REKK modelling results about the effects of the PV developments on the HUPX prices.By invitation only.

SEERMAP: Modelling results and conclusionsEnergetica X WorkshopEvent

László Szabó presented the SEERMAP model results at Saint Petersburg. Presentations are available at the project website.


The SEERMAP project has produced its final reports of the target countries in the South East European region providing country specific details on the long term electricity sector transformation scenarios till 2050. These reports give insights to the ...

Electricity Market integration 2.0 in Central and South-East EuropeResearch paper

The objective of this discussion paper is to briefly assess the most relevant legislative proposals pertaining to the European electricity market that emerged from the ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package published at the end of 2016. Identifying the ...

XV. Summer school: introduction to energy regulation 2017Event

This 5-day training course was organised into thematic modules focusing on the hottest issues of energy sector regulation. The training program combines “classic” regulation under the traditional vertically integrated industry structure with up-to-date ...

Possible reasons for the difference between HUPX and EEX DAM pricesWhy is Hungarian electricity more expensive than German?Research paper

The aim of this paper is to analyse the price convergence between the German (EEX) and the Hungarian (HUPX) power exchanges, in the case of daily average DAM prices. Many articles have sought to explain the persistent spread between the two markets but ...

Electricity Market Integration 2.0 in Central and South East Europe2nd Central and South East Europe Energy Policy ForumEvent

The regional energy policy forum organised by the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, CUB (REKK), the European Commission and the REKK Foundation has discussed the new phase of electricity market integration proposed by the European Commission's ...

SEERMAP Draft modelling result introductionEvent

The workshop introduced the first draft results of the modelling for the participants. Modelling was performed using EEMM, EGMM and GREEN-X. Participants gave their feedback and opinion to the draft modelling results.

Power market modelArticle

One of the most important elements of the winter package is the proposal for the modification of the regulation on reforms of electricity markets. While referred to as the new market model, it is essentially no different from the current European model ...