The potential of green and efficient district heating in Hungary

June 24, 2020

At the online workshop we discuss decarbonisation targets for the district heating sector, the challenges the sector phases and proposed measures to enable investment in green and efficient district heating.

Regulatory framework for LNG terminals

This study identifies and elaborates exiting barriers and gaps that could be addressed in order to ensure optimal use of existing LNG terminals in the EU.

Accelerated lignite exit in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece

The aim of this report is to support decision makers in how to implement a timely phase-out of coal by presenting results of analysis on the impact on electricity systems as well as the local economy.

Electricity market trends in 2019

16.00-17.45 Online Workshop

The model behind the Hungarian NECP - Presentation of the HU-TIMES model

14.00-17.00 Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to present the HU-TIMES model developed by REKK and its structure to the interested audience. The main assumptions and data used for each sector will be shown, along with the model’s final results.


Power-to-Gas technologies and their relevance to the energy sector

16.00-18.30 REKK Energy Futures VII.

The REKK Power-To-Gas Forum aims at disseminating the latest results of the P2G technology. We discuss the types of the P2G technologies and their potential usage. The event will focus on the P2G technologies with methanation (Power-To-Methane).

REKK-15: The past and next 15 years in the energy and water utility sectors

We celebrate the 15th anniversary of REKK with six brand new publications about our favorite sectors’ development and the effects of state regulation and climate policy. Our guest speakers talk about the foreseeable trends of the decades to come.

Accounts Simulation for Tariffs and Effluent Charges - our model to support water utilities' economic decisions

An integrated view on the uses, the infrastructure, the resource and the watershed.

Our electricity market model covers 28 countries and simulates the generation of 3000 power plants. It allows infrastructure investment evaluation and price forecasts.

Our gas market model can be applied for evaluating infrastructure investment, analysing crisis situations and impact assessment of regulatory changes.

Research fields

Electricity markets

We cover wholesale electricity market regulation and market research, network issues and analyses for large consumers in our studies.

Natural gas markets

Our natural gas market analyses focus on network issues. We offer advice for the entire gas supply chain, regulatory authorities and consumers.

District heating markets

Our heat market activity targets mainly the district heating generators, supplyers and regulation.

Water economics

Our work focuses on the economic aspects of water utilities, river basin management and flood risk with a comprehensive approach on water uses along the water cycle.

Renewable energy

The spread, support and long term effects of renewables is a central topic of our research.

Our products

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A global outreach

Our training activities cover the whole world: since 2004, more than 2000 energy experts from nearly 100 countries attended to our courses.

ERRA Courses

We provide one-week long intensive education courses and e-learning trainings since 2004 for the regulators of the ERRA countries covering various areas of the energy sector.

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Energy Market Economics Course

The aim of the course is to prepare the executives and chief executives of energy companies to the global economic and environmental challenges.

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Other Courses

We offer unique 2-3 day or one week long intensive trainings for companies, regulators and other organisations, tailored for the specific needs.

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