Analysing the implementation of Art. 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)Uploaded: 1 of February, 2015

The aim of the project was to analyse the implementation of Art 7 of the EED – dealing with the introduction of energy efficiency obligation schemes – on the basis of the following official submissions of Member States:

  1. notification on the their plans, proposed measures and detailed methodologies for the implementation of Article 7 and Annex V of EED (due by 5 Dec. 2013)
  2. Second National Energy Efficiency Actions Plan (NEEAP) (due by April 2014).

In addition, the analysis covers the information in response to structured dialogues with the Member States through the EU Pilot information system.

Major tasks carried out:

  1. direct support for the European Commission in the analysis of the submissions,
  2. the analysis of the savings proposed by the Member States in the framework of 2020 energy efficiency goals and
  3. analysis of methodological issues and problems of MS implementation.

The project covered all 28 MSs and has been carried out by a consortium of AEA Ricardo, CE Delft and REKK.

The analysis has been an important input for the proposed amendment of the EED.

Avalable at the website of the Commission.

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