The channelling of European experiences to the prospective reform of the Hungarian renewable energy support regulationUploaded: 1 of February, 2015

The 2009/28/EC Directive requires from Hungary a 13% share renewable energy in gross final energy consumption in 2020. This target has been elevated by the National Renewable Action Plan to 14.65%. In the meantime, the European Commission has published the criteria that national renewable energy support schemes have to meet from 2016.The aim of the study was twofold. First, it analyses the progress of Hungary towards the 2020 renewable goals in transport, electricity and heat with reference to the National Renewable Action Plan. The most successful renewable sectors and the most important projects are discussed in more details. Secondly, the study includes the blueprint of a prospective new support scheme for renewable electricity and heat, including the harmonisation of investment and production support. Various relevant European experiences (CZ, UK, NL, DE and TR) are discussed in case studies that can bring valuable information for the reform of the current Hungarian scheme.

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