Support Schemes for Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy ResoucesERRA Issue PaperUploaded: 1 of October, 2012

The issue paper was commissioned by Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) and served multiple objectives:

  • It gave an overview of the recent ‘hot issues’ in the EU and in the ERRA countries concerning renewable electricity (RES-E) regulation.
  • Based on the quantitative analysis of the in-depth questionnaires of the ERRA countries the paper highlighted the most relevant issues for regulators regarding RES-E promotion and determined those regulatory factors that has significant impact on RES-E deployment.
  • It created a common database on the RES-E regulation of ERRA countries.
  • Provided two detailed country case studies on EU member states – one employing green certificate system in Sweden, the other feed-in tariffs (FIT) the Czech Republic – to identify critical regulatory issues in the RES-E promotion systems.

Geographically the project covered the ERRA region with 24 countries, including the new EU member states, countries from the Balkans, many new states of the Former Soviet Union, and additional Asian and African countries.