Previous work of the water economics unitUploaded: 1 of January, 2007

We founded the water economics unit in 2007, that based on our collegues previous work on the field. Below you find the most important of our previous work:

  • The management of the UNDP/GEF funded research project on municipal water and wastewater tariffs and effluent charges in seven countries of the Danube River Basin belongs to the professional experience of our colleagues at their previous job (MAKK, Hungarian Environmental Economics Centre). The research results and of the ASTEC model development can be found on the DRP project homepage.
  • We contributed with the economic analysis to the flood defense strategy analysis of the Tisza river „A Tisza árvízi szabályozása a Kárpát-medencében”. Hungarian language material gave an overview of the whole research program, and our economic analysis.
  • For the WWF Danube Carpathian Programme a comprehensive overview was prepared about the socio economic aspects of Danube waterway development plans in the context of the TEN-T policy. The full report, and the summary can be dowloaded from the project website.
  • Environmental-economics model calculations for the Bokartisz - Landscape Rehabilitation Program of the Bodrogköz Small Region program at MAKK. The concept that integrated the calculations, can be downloaded.
  • A study was conducted for the Open Society Institute (OSI) about the experiences of PPPs (public-private partnerships), on the field of municipal waste management.
  • At MAKK in 1999 a cost benefit analysis of the energy production alternatives of the Gabcikovo – Nagymaros dam system was conducted for the Danube Government Comissioner’s Office.