Modelling energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction pathways for AlbaniaUploaded: 19 of May, 2021

The outcome of the project “Modeling Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Pathways in Albania” is an energy model that will help Albania in developing climate and energy policies, thus improving the effectiveness of planning and, indirectly, the effectiveness of policies and measures as well.

The current AL-TIMES model can analyze comprehensively and simultaneously the entire Albanian energy sector. With its use, one can study the technology and energy use of the different end-use sectors, the sectoral greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and the additional costs required to reach the pre-determined energy policy goals. The model takes into consideration the following end-use sectors: power, commercial and residential building sectors, industrial, transport and agricultural sectors.

The model and its results can be used in the development of a number of policy documents, including the Albanian National Energy and Climate Plan, which is currently being developed. It may also be suitable for longer-term climate and energy policy planning, but it can also be used for supporting policy measures.