Cost estimation and exploration of the regional economic aspects of the use of the legally designated right bank emergency polder of the Rába RiverUploaded: 8 of November, 2021

When an exceptionally high flood takes place on the Rába sections below Sárvár, decision-makers responsible for flood protection can choose between two defense strategies. They can opt for intensive defense on the main dike sections or use the emergency flood polder on the right bank of the Rába. The use of the polder would require the opening of the dike, the outflow would reduce the water flow and water level in the main riverbed and thus the level of defense needs along the dikes but would generate flood damage and other costs within the emergency polder.

Both options carry significant costs. The aim of the project was to identify these costs, estimate their magnitude and compare alternative flood defense options, and to formulate strategic recommendations for the long-term operation of the emergency polder.