Long-term decarbonisation pathways for the Ukraine power sectorUploaded: 22 of February, 2024

Ukraine plans to decarbonize its power sector by no later than 2050, and the whole economy by 2060, thus decarbonization considerations are layered over the war and recovery related challenges. The project aimed to help this transition planning as it analyses long-term decarbonisation scenarios for Ukraine's power system with quantitative models. It assessed the feasibility of reaching a net zero power system by 2050 with the adjacent costs in two net zero scenarios with different technology portfolios. The project assessed the implications of integrating Ukraine into the EU power market and various decarbonisation pathways to achieve its objectives. It also analysed the impacts of CBAM on the Ukraine power sectors, as well as the option to introduce ETS.

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The research was supported by the REKK Foundation.