Improvement of the process of supplier switching in the electricity sectorUploaded: 1 of March, 2011

The objective of the market development project launched in September 2010 on behalf of six electricity trading licensees is to provide proposals to shorten the process of supplier switching in accordance with the EU requirements, improve the efficiency thereof, reduce the administrative burdens and costs imposed on suppliers and to solve the revealed problems by examining the Hungarian system of supplier switching, analysing the interests and operational features of the affected electricity market players and evaluating the relevant international experience.
The methodology of the work is based on the analysis of international best practices and regulatory practices, and the simultaneously conducted analysis of the Hungarian switching process, as a result a which the requirements of an ideal system have been defined, the key factors reducing the efficiency of the system have been identified, the crucial problems have been mapped, and after systemising and setting the order of importance of those, the improvement targets that foster the implementation of the optimal operational model have been set.