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Our heat market activity targets mainly the district heating generators, supplyers and regulation.

How to refurbish all buildings by 2050?Uploaded: 1 of July, 2012

The objective of the THINK report is to provide policy recommendations for the European Commission (DG Energy) on how to refurbish all buildings by 2050. The report analysis the obstacles of accelerated refurbishment of the European building stock and ...

District heating tariff regulation in HungaryUploaded: 1 of September, 2011

We presented the main figures on the Hungarian heat sector. A review of the current regulatory and market conditions was concluded. This also included the licensing and price setting of the production and supply sides.

Economic impact assessment for the Energy Strategy of HungaryUploaded: 1 of May, 2011

Commissioned by the Ministry of National Development, REKK has completed an economic impact assessment for Hungary’s National Energy Strategy. The impact assessment reveals the economic aspects of the government’s policies which aim to ensure a secure ...

Economic and environmental analysis of district heating prices in HungaryUploaded: 1 of January, 2005

The main goal of the study was to examine the residential charges of Hungarian district heating supply, and to make a proposal on the reduction of these charges and the cutback of its competitve disadvantage. The study includes a catalogue of district ...