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We cover wholesale electricity market regulation and market research, network issues and analyses for large consumers in our studies.

Price development in the new energy market modelUploaded: 1 of January, 2007

The study aims at projecting the development of wholesale and retail price of electricity at the liberalized Hungarian energy market. The simulation is accompanied by sensitivity analyses. It also includes an estimation of the amount of social subsidy ...

The operation of the liberalized regulating power market: market simulationUploaded: 1 of January, 2007

The aim of the project is to analyze with quantitative methods the future operation of the liberalized Hungarian regulating power market. It includes regulating power price forecasts and the modeling of the behavior of power plants key to this market.

Electricity market liberalization and the hungarian households - Results from a surveyUploaded: 1 of March, 2006

In recent years annual household consumption was more than 10 TWh, so if we take in consideration the actual price that was paid for it, then the segment in question is bigger than 300 Mrd HUFs. In this paper our purpose was to get a clearer picture of ...

Finding the Barriers preventing increased cooperation and coordination in Central and Eastern EuropeUploaded: 1 of February, 2006

This paper sets out to establish what are three key barriers preventing greater cooperation and coordination in the electricity markets in Central and Eastern Europe. It does this by assessing the opinions of key individuals in the region collected ...

Consumer behavior on the electricity marketUploaded: 1 of January, 2006

The paper is based on a survey aimed at describing the characteristics of Hungarian households and companies on the service areas of different electricity distributors. The major research question was the likely impact of full market liberalization in ...

The role of biomass in domestic energy marketsUploaded: 1 of January, 2006

In our survey, we discuss the three most important Hungarian energy market segments from the viewpoint of biomass energy: district heating, electricity production and motor fuels. With regard to district heating and electricity, we study the issues of ...

The impacts of potential renegotiation of long-term power purchase agreements on the hungarian electricity marketUploaded: 1 of January, 2006

The study summarizes the historical context of and the current debate on today's long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). Additionally, it discusses the modelling options that could elicit the quantitative impact of full or partial PPA renegotiation ...

Models of opening up the electricity market: a comparative analysisUploaded: 1 of January, 2006

REKK has conducted a seminar series for the Association of Hungarian Electricity Trade Companies on the various models for the opening up of the electricity market. The prepared study summarizes the outcome focusing on the following issues: the supply ...

Options for restructuring the hungarian electricity balancing marketUploaded: 1 of January, 2006

The aim of the research was to identify restructuring options of the balancing market operated by the Hungarian Transmission System Operator Company Ltd. that are viable and would fit the liberalized market environment. The study includes the summary of ...

Expert opinion on the state of competition in the Hungarian electricity sectorUploaded: 1 of January, 2005

Commissioned by: Hungarian Competition Authority