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We cover wholesale electricity market regulation and market research, network issues and analyses for large consumers in our studies.

LNG absorption capacity of the EU natural gas market - Phase 2Uploaded: 9 of October, 2015

REKK, in consultation with the International Energy Agency (IEA) carried out an assessment of the EU natural gas market’s LNG absorption capability for the Research Group of Cheniere Energy Inc. to support related business decisions of the corporation.

The possible usage of the waste energy in data centersAnd the role of the electricity storage from the zero external energy concept points of viewUploaded: 1 of July, 2015

In this study we analyze the possible usage of waste energy in data centers, and also the role of electricity storage from the zero external energy concept points of view in a new planned data center. In the first part of the analysis we demonstrate ...

Analysis of the Hungarian RES-E marketUploaded: 1 of July, 2015

The objective of the project is to prepare an assessment, in order to support the decision making of the future strategy of the biomass power plant situated in Pécs. The document focuses on three main topics: The Hungarian RES targets, focusing on the ...

The effects of increased deployment of household PV generation and proposals for the modification of the present support schemeUploaded: 19 of June, 2015

The study evaluates the current support mechanism related to photovoltaic electricity generation, which presently accounts for the vast majority of small-scale household electricity supply in Hungary. Under three assumed PV capacity development scenarios ...

A new Hungarian RES-E support regime conceptUploaded: 1 of May, 2015

According to the new EU Guideline, from 2017 either a green certificate system has to be introduced, or renewable based electricity generation can be supported through a bidding process based renewable premium, but feed-in tariffs are conform to this ...

Wholesale gas and electricity price forecastUploaded: 1 of March, 2015

The aim of the study is to provide natural gas and electricity wholesale price forecast, and to calculate the total yearly electricity cost of a Hungarian based, average sized datacenter. In the study we demonstrate the most important factors, which ...

Model based cost-benefit assessment of electricity network investments in the CEE regionUploaded: 1 of October, 2014

The paper analyses the complex welfare impacts of proposed transmission investments in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region with the application of the EEMM electricity model. This assessment is made at regional level, as new transmission lines have ...

Pre-feasibility study of a new data centreUploaded: 1 of October, 2014

The aim of the study is to introduce the most recent trend in the World, in the region, and in Hungary. We also analyse the possible synergies between the Company present operation and the foundation of a data centre.

Cross border electricity and gas tradeQuestionnaire for ACERUploaded: 1 of September, 2014

REKK as part of a consortia lead by E-Bridge participated in a questionnaire survey for ACER aiming to assess the barriers exist on the cross-border electricity and gas retail markets. We have interviewed larger sized retailers (CEZ, E. ON, GDF, GEN-I) on ...

The energy consumption habits, and investments into energy efficiecy and renewables of the population of the XVIII. district of BudapestUploaded: 1 of July, 2014

In May 2014 the local government of the XVIII. district commissioned in the framework of RE-SEEties project, a survey based study form REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research). The survey focused on the energy consumption habits, and investments ...