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Our natural gas market analyses focus on network issues. We offer advice for the entire gas supply chain, regulatory authorities and consumers.

Modelling based assessment of gas infrastructure development scenariosUploaded: 25 of May, 2016

The aim of the project was to investigate the flow impact on the FGSZ infrastrucutre of certain infrastrucutre projects and their combinations. Task 1. : Nord stream (NS2) expansion Task 2. : Nord Stream expansion + Turkish Stream and TESLA ...

The preconditions for market integration compatible gas transmission tariffs in the CESEC regionUploaded: 12 of May, 2016

Access tariffs to cross-border infrastructure are important features of the natural gas market integration “software”. Distorted access tariffs can lead to the underutilization of both existing and newly built infrastructure. This paper addresses the ...

Modelling assessment of a planned gas interconnector project between Slovenia and HungaryUploaded: 2 of May, 2016

In course of the project more than 50 tariff and infrastructure scenarios were analysed. The main output was: flow on the pipeline, TSO revenues in SI and in HU, social welfare change and social NPV due to the project. The modelling has been carried out ...

Single gas market and energy security in the Visegrad states: models, challenges, perspectivesUploaded: 25 of April, 2016

REKK has joined the Visegrad Fund financed project "Single gas market and energy security in the Visegrad states: models, challenges, perspectives" alongside three V4 institutional partners. REKK focused on the issue of energy security in the V4 by ...

LNG absorption capacity of the EU natural gas market - Phase 2Uploaded: 9 of October, 2015

REKK, in consultation with the International Energy Agency (IEA) carried out an assessment of the EU natural gas market’s LNG absorption capability for the Research Group of Cheniere Energy Inc. to support related business decisions of the corporation.

Methodology to evaluate CBA and CBCA proposals submitted to HEPURA based on Regulation 347/2013/EUUploaded: 3 of September, 2015

Based on the CBA and CBCA methodology of ENTSO-G and ENTSO-E and ACER guidelines REKK has developed a modelling based methodology to monetize the social benefit effects of electricity and gas infrastructure projects. The methodology has been applied for ...

Constraints to increased European LNG deliveriesUploaded: 4 of June, 2015

The project first identified major natural gas infrastructure and regulatory constraints to increased LNG shipments to the EU gas market. Next REKK applied its European Gas Market Model (EGMM) to assess the likely impacts of increased LNG deliveries on ...

Stakeholder seminar for the Towards the European Energy Union conferenceUploaded: 20 of May, 2015

The Danube Region Energy Strategy has organised its 2nd Annual Stakeholder Workshop on the 20th of March 2015 in Brussels. The general overview for the three thematic sessions was given by REKK.

Wholesale gas and electricity price forecastUploaded: 1 of March, 2015

The aim of the study is to provide natural gas and electricity wholesale price forecast, and to calculate the total yearly electricity cost of a Hungarian based, average sized datacenter. In the study we demonstrate the most important factors, which ...

Evaluation of environmental policy alternativesEconomic evaluation of the benefits of environmental protection measuresUploaded: 1 of March, 2015

The goal of this research was the preparation of a guide for environmental policy makers based on the international literature of environmental valuation, in order to improve the efficiency of policy decisions, incorporating the monetised value of ...