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Our natural gas market analyses focus on network issues. We offer advice for the entire gas supply chain, regulatory authorities and consumers.

Constraints to increased European LNG deliveriesUploaded: 4 of June, 2015

The project first identified major natural gas infrastructure and regulatory constraints to increased LNG shipments to the EU gas market. Next REKK applied its European Gas Market Model (EGMM) to assess the likely impacts of increased LNG deliveries on ...

Stakeholder seminar for the Towards the European Energy Union conferenceUploaded: 20 of May, 2015

The Danube Region Energy Strategy has organised its 2nd Annual Stakeholder Workshop on the 20th of March 2015 in Brussels. The general overview for the three thematic sessions was given by REKK.

Evaluation of environmental policy alternativesEconomic evaluation of the benefits of environmental protection measuresUploaded: 1 of March, 2015

The goal of this research was the preparation of a guide for environmental policy makers based on the international literature of environmental valuation, in order to improve the efficiency of policy decisions, incorporating the monetised value of ...

Wholesale gas and electricity price forecastUploaded: 1 of March, 2015

The aim of the study is to provide natural gas and electricity wholesale price forecast, and to calculate the total yearly electricity cost of a Hungarian based, average sized datacenter. In the study we demonstrate the most important factors, which ...

Prioritising gas infrastructure projects for CESEC high level groupUploaded: 9 of February, 2015

REKK was commissioned by the European Commission to analyse 21 projects of the CESEC region, with the aim to define a limited number of key projects that bring the overall larges benefit to the region by contributing to security of supply and ...

Measures To Increase The Flexibility And Resilience Of The European Natural Gas MarketUploaded: 15 of December, 2014

The aim of the project was to analyse the vulnerability of the European system to supply shocks. In our paper we evaluate the impact of the evolving market structure on the security of natural gas supply with a special focus on resilience to a supply ...

Issue paper on the contribution of renewables and energy efficiency to gas securityTowards 2030 Dialogue projectUploaded: 1 of November, 2014

This fact-finding paper seeks to identify recent trends in natural gas use and import dependencies in twelve rather vulnerable EU Member States and to analyse the potential to reduce insecurity of external gas supplies of these countries in the short and ...

Natural Gas Pricing in the EU: From oil-indexation to a hybrid pricing systemUploaded: 1 of November, 2014

There are two contradictory trends unfolding in the European gas market; the process of unbundling and market liberalization towards harmonized competitive pricing against the countercurrent of decreasing local production and greater import dependency.

Cross border electricity and gas tradeQuestionnaire for ACERUploaded: 1 of September, 2014

REKK as part of a consortia lead by E-Bridge participated in a questionnaire survey for ACER aiming to assess the barriers exist on the cross-border electricity and gas retail markets. We have interviewed larger sized retailers (CEZ, E. ON, GDF, GEN-I) on ...

The energy consumption habits, and investments into energy efficiecy and renewables of the population of the XVIII. district of BudapestUploaded: 1 of July, 2014

In May 2014 the local government of the XVIII. district commissioned in the framework of RE-SEEties project, a survey based study form REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research). The survey focused on the energy consumption habits, and investments ...