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Our work focuses on the economic aspects of water utilities, river basin management and flood risk with a comprehensive approach on water uses along the water cycle.

Management of droughts and water scarcity within the nature and biodiversity legislation of the European UnionUploaded: 4 of September, 2018

As part of a larger cooperation with the Danube Region Strategy led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, we inspected relevant EU nature and biodiversity legislation to identify how a potential drought regulation may rely on already ...

Water credit trading in KenyaUploaded: 23 of April, 2018

As part of an international consortium, REKK has reviewed the experience on water credit markets. Our literature review has focused on the water markets of Australia, USA, Chile and Oman. We also inspected if the preconditions to efficient water markets ...

Water demand management in the MENA regionUploaded: 8 of June, 2017

Our water economics team at REKK contributed to the WATERSUM project ( with consultancy and capacity building activities within the field of water demand management (WDM) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Economic expertise for the supervison cycle of the National Water Basin Management PlanUploaded: 14 of January, 2016

The REKK. AQUA team contributed to the initial ex-ante economic analysis of the National River Basin Management Plan. We prepared economic policy instrument design proposals that were incorporated into the 8. 4. 3 chapter of the NRBMP (Cross sectoral ...

The effect of the opening of the Tiszaroff flood storage reservoir on downstream flood riskDevelopment of a Monte Carlo simulation based decision support systemUploaded: 29 of September, 2015

A decision support system was developed for the Middle Tisza Region Water Directorate (Kötivizig). The flood-storage reservoir at Tiszaroff can provide significant help to avoid a potential flood catastrophe. Although the opening of the flood gates ...

Integration of Natural Water Retention Measures in River basin management (2013-2014)Pilot Project - Atmospheric Precipitation - Protection and efficient use of Fresh Water:Uploaded: 19 of September, 2015

There is an increasing policy interest in the so-called Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM) for improving the water status on hydromorphology and diffuse pollution. To respond to this interest, DG ENV launched a dedicated study entitled Pilot Project ...

State of the sector - HungaryWater and wastewater services in the Danube regionUploaded: 1 of May, 2015

REKK prepared the Hungary Country Note for the Danube Water Program's regional assessment on the state of the water sector. More information can be found at Danubis site

Evaluation of environmental policy alternativesEconomic evaluation of the benefits of environmental protection measuresUploaded: 1 of March, 2015

The goal of this research was the preparation of a guide for environmental policy makers based on the international literature of environmental valuation, in order to improve the efficiency of policy decisions, incorporating the monetised value of ...

Wastewater strategy of BulgariaUploaded: 1 of February, 2015

With support from the World Bank, in 2015 the Government of Bulgaria created a national water supply and sanitation strategy. The experts of REKK contributed to this strategy with a review of the experience from the sewage sector of Hungary, paying ...

Linking water management to economic growthUploaded: 1 of July, 2014

REKK providedHungary specific policy advice and analysis to the multi-country project of the Regional Environmental Centre, culminating in a study prepared to the European Commission on the possibility of a water policy that also contributes to economic ...