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Renewable Electricity: ambrosia or delicatessen?A survey of electricity marketsPublished: 1 of January, 2006

This survey is to provide actors of the regional electricity markets with concise information on renewable electricity production in countries of the C3EM project. The study intends to be more than a descriptive overview of this topic. The authors investigate renewable electricity from a perspective of actors in the liberalized electricity markets in order to understand how much renewable electricity capacity and renewable electricity production is going to be available for the free market segment currrently and in the future. For the countries of our surves, we ask the question, is renewable electricity destined to remain the untouchable ambrosia, food for the gods, which is administered by the chosen authorities and consumed by the invisible system or might it be turned into an open access delicatessen for anyone who whishes to pay a little extra for those savoury treats?