Wood for the trees...Analysing the Hungarian forestry biomass marketPublished: 1 of December, 2009

REKK made a comprehensive research with a view to analyse the Hungarian biomass market and to estimate the energy potential of the Hungarian biomass supply.1 The research is fully based on the data of the relevant authorities, namely on the figures from the National Forest Inventory managed by the Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Forestry (Mezőgazdasági Szakigazgatási Hivatal Erdészeti Igazgatóság, MGSZH) with regard to forest biomass, and on the figures of the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (Mezőgazdasági és Vidékfejlesztési Hivatal, MVH) with regard to energy plantations. In the course of the research, we had continuous consultations with the relevant authorities and forestry specialists, and asked them to review our results. We published our working paper summarising the research on the REKK homepage in September 2009. Although our findings triggered large debate, we have not received any professional disproof of our conclusions. The feedback we received suggests that the regulatory shortages we revealed will be taken into account in the course of the ongoing drafting of the enforcement decrees of the new forest law.