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Gábor Ungvárisenior research associate

Gábor Ungvári is senior water economist at AQUA.REKK the water economics unit of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research. He received his MSc in economics in the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

His main professional interest is applying economics for the advanced use of water resources and water related ecosystem services in the current context of water policy problems.

Since 1999 he has worked in a series of water-resource focused, interdisciplinary research and economic consultancy programs. His analytical work in water economics targets (among many) flood risk management, the problem of waterlogging management of sub-surface water resources and waterway development issues on the Danube. These experiences were used in the Economic Expert Group that contributed to the first National River Basin Management Plan of the WFD and in the Ex-ante economic analysis in the current second round of the plan’s supervision.

Another field of activity is research and consultancy work on water utility management. As part of the AQUA.REKK team he participated in the creation and run of the Benchmarking organization of the Hungarian Water Utility Association and the development of ERRA’s training program on Introduction to Water Utility Regulation.

To make the complex issues along the water cycle more understandable for a wider audience he edits the Hungarian language blog and webpage www.szelidvizorszag.hu

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