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Lajos Kerekessenior research associate

Lajos Kerekes has been with REKK since 2010. He was educated as an economist and received his degree from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in 1998. Before joining REKK he worked 8 years for the Hungarian Energy Office, where he headed the Department for Economic Analysis and Environmental Protection (2009-10) and led a team assessment of significant market power in the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets that was drafted into the HEO Decision. Prior to this undertaking, as a senior analyst at HEO he contributed to the analysis of E.ON-MOL transaction’s residual effects on the gas market. In 2007 he participated in drafting regulation aimed at tempering dominant market players in the energy sector and carried out several analyses of European experiences with electricity and gas market regulation. Lajos is an expert in regulatory issues including practical analysis of market power issues, and with REKK he has led several projects related to this field: the evaluation of the Hungarian energy strategy (2013); development of market modelling options for the Hungarian natural gas market (2012); analysis of target model for European natural gas and electricity market integration (2011); mapping the process of supplier switching and advising its regulation (2010).

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