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Gabriella Szajkósenior research associate

Gabriella Szajkó graduated at the Budapest University of Economics in 1992. She worked as a research assistant and as a research associate at the Economics Department of the Central European University through 1997. She was a PhD student at the Graduate School of the Corvinus University of Budapest between 1997 and 2002 studying and teaching environmental economics. She wrote her PhD dissertation about CO2 emission markets and got her PhD in 2005. In parallel, she worked at the Ministry of Economics in 1998-2000 and at the Hungarian Energy Regulator in 2000-2003, in charge of analyzing energy markets and environmental regulation. She was faculty member at the Department of Environmental Economics and Technology at the Corvinus University of Budapest between 2003 and 2007. She was founding member of REKK in 2004 and has become a full-time senior research fellow since 2007. She has focused on economic research of environmental regulation in the energy sectors. She has been lead author of several papers, i.e.: national greenhouse gas emission projections, domestic biomass markets research, emerging renewable energy markets monitoring project.

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