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András Sugársenior research associate

András Sugár graduated in 1986 at Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences in Mathematical Planning. He earned his university doctorate degree in 1992 and received his PhD in 2011. From 1986 he gives lectures in statistical methods, econometrics, and economic statistics at the university. His main field of research are time-series analyses, statistical methods related to data collection for market analysis, models of energy markets and their applications, electricity modelling and price regulation in telecommunication and energetics. Between 1999 and 2004 he worked as Head of Department of the Economic Analysis Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, then he became the Head of the Department of Economics and Environmental Protection at the Hungarian Energy Office. Since 2004 he has been teaching at Corvinus University of Budapest. He is a founder of REKK, where he works as a senior research associate and teaches in educational programs related to the Centre as well. Currently he is an associate professor and the Head of the Department of Statistics at the Corvinus University of Budapest.



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