Since its founding, REKK has been putting a great emphasis on trainings. Our training activities can be sorted into three categories:

  • energy market economist, a two semester postgraduate specialised course on the Corvinus University of Budapest
  • one-week thematic trainings for ERRA regulators
  • unique trainings tailored for the needs of the client
ERRA Courses

The REKK provides one-week long intensive education courses and e-learning trainings since 2004 for the regulators of the ERRA countries from the different areas of the energy sector. Energy regulation in emerging countries, ERRA Summer School, Price ...

Energy market economics course

REKK in Corvinus University of Budapest has launched the Energy market economist / specialist postgraduate course, aimed at economists, engineers and legal professionals. The aim of the course is to prepare the executives and chief executives of energy ...

Other courses

We offer unique 2-3 day or one week long intensive trainings for companies, regulators and other organisations, tailored for the specific needs.