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Integration of RES-E generation to the Hungarian electricity network18 of October, 2016 - REKK MarketMonitoring Club

In 2008 the Hungarian NRA approached the transmission system operator to identify the level of intermittent energy generation that can be safely integrated into the network. The NRA analysis found that under optimal conditions the existing 330 MW capacity could be upgraded by at most an additional 410 MW of intermittent generation. The upper limit was set in order to avoid a drastic increase in – mostly downward– the regulatory reserve which would significantly increase operating reserve costs.

This study is now 10 years old, and in spite of significant technological and regulatory innovations the maximum capacity hasn’t been adjusted to reflect these market developments.

The aim of the Market Monitoring Club is to discuss the relevance of the current threshold and identify the circumstances under which it could be increased to reflect new realities.

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The event was supported by the REKK Foundation.