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Making the Energy Transition a European Success - Publication of Jacques Delors Institute’s new report and roundtable discussion20 of October, 2017
Location: The European Commission Representation in Hungary, 1024 Budapest, Lövőház u. 35.

The aim of the event is the presentation of the main results of the ’Energy Transition’ report by the distinguished authors, Jean-Arnold Vinois and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin themselves.

The report consist of four research area:

  • The governance of the Energy Union: a new relationship between European citizens and decision makers
  • Innovating to drive an energy transition for all Europeans
  • Financing the Energy Transition in Europe: Towards a More Holistic and Integrated Approach
  • A Social Pact for the Energy Transition

After the presentation of the results, the authors will discuss the results with Mr. Tamás Jászay, the Business Development Director of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ (part of innogy) during a roundtable debate moderated by Mr. Péter Kaderják, the director of REKK.

Participation is free, but is based on registration.