Education / ERRA Courses
Gas transmission tariff setting workshop 20196-8 of May, 2019
Location: Budapest, 1024 Budapest, Zivatar u. 1

This focused 3-day educational workshop is supposed to provide an in-depth and practical understanding of gas transmission tariff setting with a special focus on entry-exit regimes.

The program will be a combination of expert presentations and simulated group work calculation. Topics discussed include capacity allocation, regulatory asset base and revenue reconciliation, reference price methodology and reserve price calculation.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction of Tariff Setting: Main Principles and Tariff Systems
  • Capacity Allocation on the Transmission System, Principles, Models, Platforms
  • Regulatory Asset Base and Revenue Reconciliation
  • Structure and Logic of the Tariff Network Code
  • Reference Price Methodologies: Capacity Weighted Distance, Postage Stamp, Virtual Point-Based and Matrix
  • Reference Price Calculation
  • Adjustment Possibilities and Reserve Prices
  • Reserve Price Calculation
  • Hot Topics/ Challenges by Participants

Further information and registration at the ERRA website