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V4ETTP 2019 Prague Workshop - Challanges for the Energy Policy of the Visegrad Countries19 of September, 2019 - V4 Energy Think Tank Platform, 3rd workshop

The V4ETTP platform hold its third workshop on 19th September in Prague. Experts of the project partner research institutions, representatives of the Energy Ministries and of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs from each Visegrad country had an opportunity to discuss regional policy papers focused on three topics:

  • Renewable Energy Sources: Regional challenges coming from the European Union’s and national climate policies
  • Safe nuclear and the V4 region
  • What is the way forward for the EU gas market?

In the second part of the event the invited governmental representatives and think tank researchers discussed future energy security issues. The next meeting of the platform will take place in Budapest. Results of the 2019 State of the V4 Energy Sector – prepared by the V4ETTP ́s experts – will be discussed there.


The event was supported by the REKK Foundation.