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The Road to Zero-Carbon Grids23 of February, 2023 - Knowledge sharing between the United Kingdom and Hungary to enhance energy security
Location: Online, 9:00 - 12:00 CET

Both Hungary and the United Kingdom are committed to reach zero carbon electricity systems (90% by 2030, and 100% by 2035, respectively). However, the UK has the aim to ensure that its electricity grid can support periods of 100% carbon-free generation already by 2025.

Renewable electricity generation is reaching high shares (43.1% in the UK and 11.2% in HU) and the electricity systems are under continuous development to keep pace with the integration of variable and/or distributed generation capacities. Several innovative solutions are explored, targeting options and technologies enhancing the accommodation of renewables, including technological innovations and related market and regulatory solutions.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the following:

  • Main challenges of net-zero grids
  • Share the UK experience related to the system integration of variable and/or distributed RES capacities and the allocation method of grid connection rights among developers.
  • Get an insight into how new technologies and related competitive service procurement enables the accommodation of high RES-E shares
  • Understand how flexibility solutions are ensured in the UK and at what cost
  • Share the UK experience with pre-requisites of successful electrification
  • Receive advice on how the coupling of energy sectors (electricity, H&C and transport) can be fostered to help decarbonise the whole energy system, and how policymakers and regulatory institutions in the UK collaborate on this strategy.

The workshop was co-organised with the British Embassy in Budapest within the Energy Security Cooperation project.

In a policy brief we summerised the main findings and recommendations on the topic.

On 16 March 2023, a similar format was held on " Flexibility, Energy Storage, Demand Side Response ".