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The New Electricity Market Design - How to design PPAs creating a healthy investment environment in the EU?7 of November, - Regional Energy Policy Forum
Location: Budapest Music Center, 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.

Driving power sector investments becomes a key question under the proposed reform of the electricity market design. The EU recommends applying corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) for supporting renewable (RES) deployment in order to reduce the price volatility we have observed in recent years. In addition, the European Commission recommends using the two-way Contract for Difference (CfD) form of supporting infra-marginal and renewable generators to shield consumers from high price volatility and to channel excess revenues to consumers in case of high-price periods. It is not a surprise that at the same time the Commission would like to strengthen the role of the forward markets as well which can also serve as a market-based tool to increase long-term price predictability.

These instruments will have a strong impact on each other and on the EU electricity market functioning, and some negative impacts could also arise. At the event we discuss with our speakers what measures will drive renewable energy investments under the proposed reform of the EU electricity market, how PPAs should be designed and how proper financing can ensure new investments in renewables and flexibility.

Participation fee: HUF 25.000 (The REKK Event Card ensures discounted entry to REKK events)

Participation is free for students and teachers of the Corvinus University of Budapest.

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