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REKK among the top think tanks of the worldUploaded: 4 of March, 2016

REKK has been ranked in the University of Pennsylvania's 'Global Go To Think Tank Index' and is the only research institute in the region to make the list of 'Top Energy and Resource Policy Think Tanks. 'The ranking was performed in a three-round process.

Competition and Regulation 2015Uploaded: 18 of December, 2015

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has published an English-language digest of the yearbook Competition and Regulation. Three studies authored by REKK experts were selected for the volume. András Kiss: The Effect of the Regional Integration of Electricity ...

Going beyond national borders: is it really that difficult?Péter Kaderják at ‘External Energy Security and Policy: Power and Gas Aspects’, ViennaUploaded: 5 of October, 2015

Peter Kaderják, Director of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, talks to the Director of the Florence School of Regulation Jean-Michel Glachant about Gas Security of Supply after his participation on the panel ‘Going beyond national borders ...

Turkey remains reliable even if Turkish Stream is cancelledInterview of Anadolu Agency Energy TerminalUploaded: 20 of July, 2015

Possible cancellation of Turkish Stream pipeline project will not harmTurkey's reliability, said the head of Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research based in Hungary. Read Peter Kaderjak's opinion at the Anadolu Energy Agency's website