Events / Videos
Latest hydrogen research in Denmark and Hungary
Current state of government auctions in EU and ENC member states – Best practices and challenges
Applicaton of the FOrest Carbon Sink Optimization Model (FOX) for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Forest biomass for decarbonisation
Flexibility, Energy Storage and Demand Side Response
The road to zero carbon grids
Small scale district heating with renewable energy sources - Experiences of Hungarian municipalities
How to accelerate natural gas phase-out in Central Eastern Europe?
Energy systems and climate mitigation - Key Findings of the contribution of WGIII to the IPCC 6th Assessment Report
Batteries: a solution for energy storage and e-mobility
Central European Energy Conference 2021 [english]
HU Energy saving and GHG mitigation potential on the water network of the Novi Sad Water Utility
The future of carbon pricing - morning session
The future of carbon pricing - afternoon session
Events Power system resilience: lessons from two recent events
Economic, energy system and emission modelling of Hungary's long term strategy
Better access to European LNG terminals
Invitation by the Course Directors
ERRA Gas Transmission Tariff Setting Workshop Invitation
Prof Dieter Helm: Retail Prices and Regulation
Ungvári Gábor: A Víz, avagy vízügy, tájhasználat és közpolitika