Modeling / Power Market Modeling

Power market analysis is carried out using our European Electricity Market Model (EEMM). The model simulates the workings of 35 European electricity markets, assuming perfectly competitive market operation. The bottom-up model considers the production of 3000 power plants for 90 characteristic hours, and generates a merit order curve for each analysed country. The model takes future infrastructure into account as well.

Primary output of the model is price forcast, even up to 2030. The modelling can be used for the impact assessment of new infrastructure (power plants, cross-border cpacities), or to pinpoint congestion in the market.


  • Ranking of Project of Common Interest (PECI) projects
  • Evaluating the TYNDP of ENTSO-E
  • Assessing the effects of the German nuclear decommissioning
  • National Energy Strategy 2030

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