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REKK Hungarian Energy Market Report 2013 Q3Published: 1 of September, 2013
Energy Infrastructure Projects of Energy Community Interest | Risks of nuclear power plant construction | Domestic primary energy use prognosis until 2020 | European LNG imports until 2020

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Energy Infrastructure Projects of Energy Community Interest

As we have previously indicated, the EU selects infrastructure development projects which enjoy priority on the community level based on a development plan. The Energy Community has also started shortlisting the electricity and natural gas infrastructure projects of common interest in their own (mainly focused on the Balkans) region. REKK participated in the community-focused evaluation of the projects proposed, as a member of an international consortium. In our article we present the proposed and selected projects of energy community interest, and evaluate their effects on the Hungarian electricity and natural gas markets.

Nuclear power plant constructionMissed deadlines, cost escalation, risks of implementation

Our analysis gives useful and rich supplement for the upcoming debate about nuclear power plant development: how do schedule and budget overruns or other construction risks affect costs based on international experiences.

Author: Lajos Kerekes
Domestic primary energy use prognosis until 2020

We present a summary of a study prepared for the Ministry of National Development about the primary energy consumption of Hungary. We estimated the energy use of the whole Hungarian economy and of some selected sectors. Our research projects considerable drop of consumption to 2020 both in final and primary energy consumption. We assess the primary reasons rooted in energy intensity, economic growth and source composition.

Opportunities in a globalising marketEuropean LNG imports until 2020

In this article we consider the increasing influence of the global LNG markets on Europe. The growth of gas demand in Europe is accompanied by the plunge in domestic production and expansion of international supply, so European LNG imports are facing a bright future. This fact is of great importance concerning European gas prices.

Author: Antal Hum