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REKK Hungarian Energy Market Report 2017 Q1Published: 2 of May, 2017
Power market model I Renewable energy

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Power market model

One of the most important elements of the winter package is the proposal for the modification of the regulation on reforms of electricity markets. While referred to as the new market model, it is essentially no different from the current European model: promoting energy only markets and rejecting capacity, a philosophy still contrary to the current practice of several EU Member States using capacity mechanisms for supply security considerations.

Renewable energy

The Winter Packagepays special attention to renewable energy since it is one of the main forms of "clean energy deserved by all Europeans”. It is a proposal that will amend the 2009 Renewable Directive, adding more layers to the existing regulations that oversee the functioning of the electricity market, and specifically network integration of renewable energy generation.

Authors: Zsuzsanna Pató, András Mezősi