Our publications can be put to three main categories:

  • Quarterly energy market publications (Hungarian Energy Market Report, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Quarterly)
  • Thematic books
  • Academic publications

Some of our publications are available upon subscription, but most can be downloaded free of charge.

REKK Hungarian Energy Market Report

Our quarterly report provides information to market players on Hungarian and international market developments. We analyze important events and their impact on the energy markets. This includes actual and potential changes to the market. Furthermore, we ...

Renewable energy and energy efficiency quarterly

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Quarterly provide timely and concise information on the development of renewable energy markets and energy efficiency policy developments in Hungary and in Europe.


REKK provides in-depth analysis of selected topics in its books.

Academic publications

In this section we listed our papers published in academic journals, books and other pieces not published by REKK.