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In this section we listed our papers published in academic journals, books and other pieces not published by REKK.

Incentive problems in the Hungarian Energy-Balancing MechanismCompetition and Regulation 2015 - books, chaptersPublished: 1 of January, 2007

This paper examines the functioning of the balancing market of the electricity sector in Hungary. Balancing energy is an ancillary service, which is used by the transmission system operator (TSO) to guarantee the continuous supply of electricity. The TSO ...

Energy in transition: From the iron curtain to the European UnionEnergy Policy 2006 - scholarly articlesPublished: 2 of October, 2006

The fall of communism left some of the most polluting and wasteful energy sectors of the World in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). After 15 years of restructuring, eight of these countries have joined the European Union (EU), closing an era of economic ...

CO2 emission trading within the European Union and Annex B countries: The cement industry caseEnergy Policy 2006 - scholarly articlesPublished: 1 of January, 2006

The cement industry is the third largest carbon emitting industrial sector in the EU. This article presents the foreseeable technological evolution of the cement industry under business as usual circumstances, and examines the effects on the sector of ...

Egy ígéret nyomában (nem lesz gázáremelés)Polgári Szemle 2005 - scholarly articlesPublished: 1 of November, 2005

Itt a tél, a magas gázszámlák szezonja. S nem csak itthon. Amerikai barátom meséli, hogy otthon, Michiganben szülei számára az idén agáz ára 40%-kal emelkedett. A bevásárlóközpontok a karácsonyi vásár indítását a gázszámla-fizetési határidő elé hozták ...

Technological prospects and CO2 emission trading analyses in the iron and steel industry: A global modelEnergy 2005 - scholarly articlesPublished: 1 of April, 2005

This article presents the Iron and Steel Industry Model (ISIM). This is a world simulation model able to analyze the evolution of the industry from 1997 to 2030, focusing on steel production, demand, trade, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, technology ...