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In this section we listed our papers published in academic journals, books and other pieces not published by REKK.

Possibilities for phasing out Russian gas from the EU energy supply for the winters of 22/23 & 23/24policy briefPublished: 22 of November, 2022

The aim of this policy brief is to assess the impact of a full Russian gas cut scenario on the EU27 gas bill, supply mix and utilization of LNG infrastructure in the current (2022/23) and the next storage year (2023/24).

Is border carbon adjustment the right tool for the power sector?Climate Policy - scholarly articlesPublished: 5 of March, 2022

Carbon leakage occurs in any carbon pricing regime that is not global, which means all of them so far. That is inherently unfair to sectors that are subject to a carbon price but compete with those that are not. The European Green Deal aims to rectify ...

Environmental assessment of future electricity mix – Linking an hourly economic model with LCAJournal of Cleaner Production - scholarly articlesPublished: 1 of May, 2020

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an increasingly widespread method for the environmental accounting of products and services. Since almost all production processes use grid electricity, the environmental impact of power generation plays a key role in LCA.

The Southeast European power system in 2030 - Flexibility challenges and benefits from regional integrationAgora Energiawende publication - working papersPublished: 26 of June, 2019

This report takes a deeper look at the future of regional market integration for power systems with high shares of wind and solar in Southeast Europe (SEE). Because these technologies vary in output depending on the weather, they bring an increasedneed ...

SEERMAP COUNTRY REPORTSbooks, chaptersPublished: 20 of October, 2017

The SEERMAP project has produced its final reports of the target countries in the South East European region providing country specific details on the long term electricity sector transformation scenarios till 2050. These reports give insights to the ...

Energy Scenarios for SE Europe: A close look into the Western BalkansJRC Conference and Workshop Report - other articlesPublished: 2 of December, 2016

The workshop included three sessions of specific thematic focus. The first session provided the "regional picture" with forecasts on the development of the energy and power systems in the western Balkans. The second session discussed case studies on low ...

Model based evaluation of electricity network investments in Central Eastern EuropeEnergy Strategy Reviews Volumes 13–14, 2016 - scholarly articlesPublished: 23 of August, 2016

The paper analyses the complex welfare impacts of proposed transmission investments in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region with the application of the EEMM electricity model. This assessment is made at regional level, as new transmission lines have ...

Fossil or hydro based capacity development? - Power sector modelling in the South-East European RegionEEM 2016 conference: Modelling, simulation and forecasting of energy and carbon markets: Markets and Policy II - scholarly articlesPublished: 8 of June, 2016

This paper analyses the impact of current generation and interconnection capacity plans on the generation mix of the five South East European countries (Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) in the context of carbon price levels ...

Cost-benefit analysis of the Central and Eastern European electricity network investmentsCompetition and regulation 2013 - books, chaptersPublished: 1 of September, 2013

The focus of our review of the economic evaluation of eight electricity transmission investments in Central and Eastern Europe. Using our electrcity market model, we estimated the welfare effects of the selected projects and analysed the costs and ...

The Effect of the Regional Integration of Electricity Markets on the Market Power of Power PlantsCompetition and Regulation 2015 - books, chaptersPublished: 1 of December, 2007

The purpose of this paper is to construct a short-term economic model for the wholesale electricity market in the Central and Eastern European region - assuming conditions after a complete opening-up of the market. Among the inputs we provide an estimate ...