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In this section we listed our papers published in academic journals, books and other pieces not published by REKK.

Is Russia to blame for high European gas prices?Reasons behind the high gas prices and the way ahead in 2022 - policy briefPublished: 19 of October, 2021

Since March 2021 the European wholesale natural gas price has rose steadily above the pre-COVID 2019 levels reaching hights never seen before, leading to gas to coal switch in the power production and demand reduction in industrial production. Analysing ...

Renewable targets and policies in the transport sector of the Danube Regionpolicy briefPublished: 13 of April, 2021

The EU member countries of the Danube Region (DR) are committed to the RES-T target required by regulation, which is 14% by 2030. Despite the trend of steadily increasing GHG emissions in transportation, all DR member states project emission reductions ...

The development of renewable heating and cooling in the Danube Regionpolicy briefPublished: 12 of April, 2021

Renewables in the heating and cooling (H& C) sector account for a very significant part of overall RES consumption in the DR even though the sector does not have near the level of applied support schemes and policies as sectors like power and ...

The future of natural gas in the Danube Regionpolicy briefPublished: 11 of April, 2021

Import dependency in the Danube Region (DR) is very high - on average (76%) - and above 80% in 10 out of the 14 DR countries. The share of gas consumption in DR is similar to the EU28 (~24%) while coal is much higher - 26% compared to 14%There is a common ...

The future of the electricity sector in the Danube Regionpolicy briefPublished: 10 of April, 2021

This policy brief covers individual DR national energy and climate strategies and the expected developments in the region. changes in power mixes between 2020 and 2030, the role of renewable energy deployment, planned investments to reinforce electricity ...

Hatással van-e a verseny intenzitása a megújuló aukciókon kialakult árakra?policy briefPublished: 9 of April, 2021

A megújuló aukciók viszonylatában kulcsfontosságú tényező a verseny intenzitása. Elemzésünk központi kérdése hét esettanulmány vizsgálatán keresztül, hogy az intenzívebb verseny alacsonyabb árakat eredményez-e. Erre a kérdésre modellezés segítségével ...

The effects of high PV penetration on the Hungarian electricity systempolicy briefPublished: 24 of March, 2021

Detailed description of the modelling exercise by REKK commissioned by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. Only available in Hungarian.

The role of economic instruments in addressing conflicts of interest in water: allocation of scarce water resourcesHungarian Journal of Hydrology 2021. Volume 101 Special Issue - scholarly articlesPublished: 24 of February, 2021

Predictable access to sufficient water is one of the cornerstones of social well-being, but unlimited resources are available to a lower and lower extent in much of the world. Hungary's position is good for the time being, but there are signs of ...

Global, European and Hungarian gas market in 2020 and 2021 expectationspolicy briefPublished: 10 of February, 2021

Summary of the 2021 january workshop covering global, European and Hungarian gas market trends.

Modelling Bidding Behaviour on German Photovoltaic AuctionsEnergies 2021, 14(2) - scholarly articlesPublished: 19 of January, 2021

In this article renewable energy support allocation through different types of auctions are assessed: uniform pricing is compared to pay-as-bid auctions. The applied methodological framework is auction theory and an extended LCOE calculation, based on ...