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Urban heat islands - Do we have enough water to mitigate urban heat waves?30 of July, 2022 - policy briefPublished: 30 of July, 2022

On 26 May 2022, the REKK Foundation and the REKK Water Economics Unit organised a workshop with the participation of researchers, NGOs, professional organisations and representatives of the water utility sector dealing with the urban heat island phenomenon. The event explored the question of the amount of water needed and the availability of water and infrastructure capacity to deliver it, for many of the interventions that have been considered from different perspectives to reduce urban heat loads. The event was attended by a total of 25 experts from different organisations and professions, and the presentations and subsequent discussion highlighted the complexity of the topic, the need for cooperation between different disciplines and the differences in approach.

In this document, we publish a thematic summary of the presentations made at the event and the contributions received from participants.

The presentations are available in Hungarian on the event website.

The publication was supported by the REKK Foundation.