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The cost of (climate) independence - estimating the abatement cost of greenhouse gas emission in Hungary with the HU-TIMES modelEconomic Review - scholarly articlesPublished: 16 of January, 2023

According to its National Clean Development Strategy, Hungary will become a climate neutral country by 2050. The focus of this paper is to estimate the associated abatement costs in regards to the Hungarian energy sector for 2050, by using the Hungarian TIMES (HU-TIMES) model, which has also been used as the background calculation tool for the Hungarian National Clean Development Strategy. The results indicate that in the baseline scenario, when no abatement constraints are defined, the sector s greenhouse gas emission level is around 29.5 million CO2eq by 2050. In contrast, based on the current input parameters, the model shows that the total sectoral emission level can be decreased to 2 million CO2eq. The additional total abatement costs for the upcoming three decades is estimated to be 22 thousand billion Hungarian forints. The incremental costs of different levels of GHG reductions in 2050 and the sectors in which these costs are incurred are also analysed. For this purpose, we define the GHG abatement cost curve for the Hungarian energy sector.

Available at the website of Economic Review.