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European renewable government policies versus model predictionsEnergy Strategy Reviews 2014 - scholarly articlesPublished: 1 of February, 2014

This paper compares three earlier model projections with the shares of power technologies proposed in the National Renewable Action Plans (NREAPs) of the European Member States (MS). We aim to give deeper insight to the renewable energy policy support and policy formulation processes and interaction between the various MS and the EU. In some MS governments built their plans solidly on model outputs while in other cases they overwrote projections. Analysing their interactions proves to be useful not only for refining further the projections concerning the power portfolios in the European countries, but can provide further information for the different stakeholders in decision making process in the renewable energy context (decision makers, research institutions, lobby organisations). At the same time such analysis can further enhance the interaction between the relevant stakeholders and the feedback can result in increasing the effectiveness of the policy formulation.

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