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SEERMAP COUNTRY REPORTSbooks, chaptersPublished: 20 of October, 2017

The SEERMAP project has produced its final reports of the target countries in the South East European region providing country specific details on the long term electricity sector transformation scenarios till 2050. These reports give insights to the country based results of the common modelling effort of the SEERMAP consortia, including REKK European Electricity Market Model (EEMM) and the European Gas market Model (EGMM), the Technical University of Wien GREEN-X renewable model, OGR macroeconomic model and EKC transmission network model. The reports provide detailed output tables in their Annexes, giving valuable insights to the various processes the national electricity sectors go through: the strong uptake and deployment of renewables, the retreat of coal/lignite based generation and the resulting decarbonisation process. Natural gas has a bridging role in the analysed scenarios, after 2040 its role is significantly diminishing in the region.

The publication was supported by the REKK Foundation.