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Electricity market trends 202115:00 - 17:00, Market Monitoring WorkshopEvent

At our annual workshop we analyse last year's trends of the Hungarian and regional electricity markets. We cover not only wholesale markets but also retail market trends. Please click here for more information.

What caused the 2018 March price spike on TTF?New REKK Policy Brief has been published.Research paper

In late February, an extreme phenomenon occurred on TTF, the most liquid European natural gas exchange: daily settlement price was peaking over 70 €/MWh, with hourly results as high as 150 €/MWh. The hike was unprecedented: most extreme weather, the 2012 ...

Modelling the effects of the Hungarian PV developments on the HUPX pricesREKK Market Monitoring KlubEvent

At this occassion of the market monitoring series we will present the REKK modelling results about the effects of the PV developments on the HUPX prices. By invitation only.

The effect of the US sanctions on the Hungarian energy sectorEvent

On 15th June the United States Congress has issued the law “Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” which – among other actions – imposes sanctions on the commerce with Russia. These restrictions will have a large effect on the energy ...

Alternative scenarios for electricity and gas universal service pricing in HungaryREKK Market Monitoring KlubEvent

Recent changes in European energy prices have created an opportunity to re-think universal electricity and gas pricing in Hungary. The aim of the MarketMonitoring Club is to open the debate about how to approach high priority regulatory objectives in an ...

Forecasting the Hungarian natural gas and electricity consumption until 2020Analysis

The objective of this collaborative effort is to assist the mid-term business planning procedure of GDF Suez Energia Holding Hungary Zrt by providing qualitative inputs for its scenario planning process, especially natural gas and electricity ...

Forecasting the Hungarian wholesale gas price, electricity price and secondary reserve price until 2021Analysis

The objective of this collaborative effort is to assist the mid-term (until 2021) business planning procedure of Dalkia Energia Zrt. by providing forecasts on the Hungarian gas wholesale price, electricity price, and the secondary capacity reserve price.

Assessment for CEE Equity on the Hungarian secondary system reserve market and a forecast for 2014-17Analysis

In this study we will provide a short introduction to the Hungarian system reserve market, particularly the secondary system reservemarket. In particular, the study introduces the main players of this market, summarizes the major rules that govern ...

Monitoring Activities of Energy Regulatory Commissions 2013BudapestEvent

This course aims to provide a thorough introduction to the monitoring activities of the energy regulatory commission, mainly financial, service quality and market monitoring areas. Detailed course programme