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The operation of the liberalized regulating power market: market simulationAnalysis

The aim of the project is to analyze with quantitative methods the future operation of the liberalized Hungarian regulating power market. It includes regulating power price forecasts and the modeling of the behavior of power plants key to this market.

Economic and environmental analysis of district heating prices in HungaryAnalysis

The main goal of the study was to examine the residential charges of Hungarian district heating supply, and to make a proposal on the reduction of these charges and the cutback of its competitve disadvantage. The study includes a catalogue of district ...

Development potential of the natural gas market in HungaryAnalysis

Pannonpower Rt. is a generation company actively expanding in both the renewable energy and the district heating markets. The aim of this study is to model two elements of a planned 50MW CHP power plant development project (to be commissioned no sooner ...

Managing new entrants in the emission trading system of the EUImpact study on the free allocation of CO2 emission rightsAnalysis

The study analyses the problem of new entrants in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). Following the Directive and the relating documents the study discusses the definition and characteristics of new entrants, and the conditions of market entry.