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Water demand management in the MENA regionAnalysis

Our water economics team at REKK contributed to the WATERSUM project (http://watersum.rec.org/) with consultancy and capacity building activities within the field of water demand management (WDM) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Relationships among oil price, wholesale and end-user gas pricesMagyar Energetika 2017/2Research paper

The European Commission's proposed regulatory package of November 2016 revitalised the Hungarian goverment's rhetorics of "defending the utility bill cuts, " and the debate about the financing of these cuts. This article reviews how the Hungarian gas price ...

REKK Renewable Energy Week - conference summary and evaluationArticle

On 7-9 June, REKK organised a conference focusing on four current themes within the regulation of renewable based electricity generation: the questions surrounding the achievement of the 2030 EU targets, regional progress with respect to the 2020 ...

Potential solutions to the challenges of electricity distribution system operators' price regulationAnalysis

The study evaluates the present price regulatory regime for electricity distribution system operators (DSO) in Hungary. It first evaluates the impact of the present regulation on the DSOs' production and investment efficiency. Next it provides a review ...