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Cost estimation for achieving the renewable target in 2030Uploaded: 27 of February, 2019

The focus of the study is renewable energy based power sources in Hungary. First, we estimate the potential of the different technologies, then we calculate the costs associated with exploiting these potentials. We center our study around innovative ...

Sectorial biogas market model for HungaryUploaded: 1 of May, 2012

The aim of this research was to provide a bottom-up estimation of the Hungarian biogas economic potential and supply curve until 2020. We conducted detailed sectorial researches according to the three main sources of biogas production: landfills, waste ...

Analysis of the Hungarian sewage treatment works and from the viewpoint of biogas utilisation possibilitiesUploaded: 1 of June, 2010

We analysed the Hungarian sewage treatment works and waste disposals and their relevant characteristics from the viewpoint of biogas utilisation possibilities.

The role of biomass in domestic energy marketsUploaded: 1 of January, 2006

In our survey, we discuss the three most important Hungarian energy market segments from the viewpoint of biomass energy: district heating, electricity production and motor fuels. With regard to district heating and electricity, we study the issues of ...