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Follow-up Study on LNG and Storage StrategyUploaded: 9 of October, 2017

The follow up study of the LNG and Storage Strategy is focusing on the latest developments of the gas market and their impact on the actions formulated in the Strategy. Under the modelled scenarios the European infrastructure can robustly serve the needs ...

Natural gas storage market analysis in the Danube RegionUploaded: 1 of July, 2013

REKK has conducted the analysis of the natural gas storage markets in the Danube region. This analysis builds strongly on our previous study (The Danube Region Gas Market Model). The present study addresses the need in the Danube Region for new ...

Analysing the Hungarian gas storage marketUploaded: 1 of November, 2012

We have analysed the CEE region's storage market potential and effects of pricing on Hungarian storage demand using REKK's Danube Region Gas Market Model.

The possibility of gas storage competition in HungaryUploaded: 1 of March, 2009

This study is about the Hungarian and the European gas storage markets, with emphasis on capacity and access regulations. In the domestic gas storage market there is only one participant, E-On. , thus the access price is regulated. We try to answer the ...