How to refurbish all buildings by 2050?Uploaded: 1 of July, 2012

The objective of the THINK report is to provide policy recommendations for the European Commission (DG Energy) on how to refurbish all buildings by 2050. The report analysis the obstacles of accelerated refurbishment of the European building stock and assess the potential intervention options – both at the EU and national level - that can support the 27 member states in jointly reaching the 88-91% GHG reduction target of the sector defined by the 2050 Roadmap.

The study and the related policy brief can be accessed from the THINk website.

THINK provides knowledge support to policy making by the European Commission in the context of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan. THINK responds to the European Commission’s evolving needs on a semester basis and during the 3-year project will be producing 12 dossiers on various topics and a book at the end of the project.

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