Prioritising gas infrastructure projects for CESEC high level groupUploaded: 9 of February, 2015

REKK was commissioned by the European Commission to analyse 21 projects of the CESEC region, with the aim to define a limited number of key projects that bring the overall larges benefit to the region by contributing to security of supply and facilitating price alignment between markets. Based on REKK modelling the CESEC High Level Group approved a set of interconnection and LNG terminal infrastructure that has been shown to contribute particularly to increasing welfare in the CESEC region. The modelling pre-defined corridors and new sources (LNG, new offshore gas in Romania and Azeri gas through TAP) was carried out in a normal (business as usual) and in a simulated security of supply scenario (a 100% disruption of Russian deliveries through Ukraine in January) for two reference scenarios, 2015 and 2020. The main outputs of the modelling were consumer welfare change due to implementing new infrastructure and the modelled utilization of the new infrastructure.